This duo runs non-profit Start Stem Early startup - Sayan & Sohil Bhatia

Sohil Bhatia

Sayan Bhatia

     Sayan Bhatia and Sohil Bhatia are the Founders of the Start Stem Early. They conduct workshops and sessions that are designed to be a catalyst in a student's learning journey.

Start Stem Early



     Sohil Bhatia is a sophomore at Redmond High School in Washington. He is a STEM enthusiast who is passionate about learning and utilizing technology to solve real-world problems. His love and passion for technology began when he developed Water Matters, a mobile app, and an IoT device for tracking water usage. When places like Cape Town and California were experiencing intense drought, a digital way to gauge water consumption at the consumer level was vital. 

    Water Matters was selected as the Washington State Merit Winner for 2019 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Recently he co-developed Driver Vision, an IoT device and app which focuses on reducing hazardous driving on today's roads. Driver Vision won the 2019 Congressional App Challenge in Washington's largest district and was Global Semi-Finalist for the 2020 Diamond Challenge. Sohil’s project 'Astronomical' was also selected as a Swift Student Challenge winner for Apple’s WWDC20.

    Besides his interest in innovation and technology development, he loves to travel, wakeboard, and listen to music. In the future, he hopes to continue his entrepreneurial journey by founding his own tech startup to create innovative technologies for the betterment of our world.


    Sayan Bhatia is a junior at Redmond High School in Washington and is a developer, entrepreneur, and STEM advocate. Since he was young, he’s had a strong interest in innovation and using technology to build new ideas. After starting software development, he learned Swift and released his first app to the Apple App Store in 2018. His second app, Clever Cart, improves the grocery shopping experience for customers, especially those with food allergies. He also co-developed (with his brother Sohil) Driver Vision, a user-friendly app and IoT device that provides everyday passengers with personalized information about potential hazards and their driving behavior.

      These two apps became Congressional App Challenge winners in 2019 and 2020. He later co-pitched Driver Vision at the Diamond Challenge to a panel of judges from around the world where it became a Global Semifinalist. Along with developing apps, Sayan is an aspiring entrepreneur who started his entrepreneurial journey with the launch of a nonprofit called Start STEM Early. Sayan is inspired daily by the many entrepreneurs that are at the forefront of leading change in the world, and he hopes to do the same in the near future. Outside of his work, he is a passionate photographer and loves to travel, wakeboard, and hang out with his friends.

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     In 2018, Sayan and Sohil Bhatia co-founded start STEM Early as a nonprofit organization. Over the past three years, they have been sharing their knowledge and experience with younger students through their non-profit by teaching them the basics of mobile app development to students across the nation.

      Its mission is to increase interest in STEM among young students through curated programs. Early on in the founding year of the organization, they both taught groups of students on topics such as physics, chemistry, and earth science. They gradually expanded the curriculum to technology courses, and in 2020 especially during the peak of COVID-19, start STEM early was able to accelerate its outreach through online programs and amplify its impact. 

      Realizing that programming was a heavily undervalued skill among young students, their organization created 'Intro to App building', a completely virtual 6-week program offered for free by starting STEM early. 

     Within days of opening the registration, the course had garnered over 400 students from all over the USA. Through the organization's Intro to the app-building program, students embarked on a journey from having absolutely no computer science or programming knowledge, to building 5 full-fledged mobile apps.

    They also received a large number of testimonials and appreciation for the sessions they taught. Currently, This non-profit organization has amassed over 3300 students from all over the US. In order to further advocate for STEM education, their organization will continue to offer new and unique STEM programs to young students. 

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